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The San Joaquin River Conservancy has released the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for a 2.5 mile extension of the Lewis S. Eaton Trail on over 400 acres of public land.  The project site is called Spano River Ranch or Fresno River West, and is located between Highway 41 and Palm Avenue. 

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The DEIR states that there is an unavoidable environmental justice impact for the proposed project, due to the lack of vehicle access to the site within the City of Fresno.  If the Conservancy Board approves the DEIR without any additional access, Fresno residents traveling by car will have to drive into Madera County on Highway 41, and then back into Fresno on the old Highway 41 to reach the site. The Trust created a short video showing this trip - you can watch the video on our YouTube channel.


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Alternative 1- Added Parking with access via Riverview Drive 

  • Includes access on a public road that was sized to serve a 1500 unit residential development in the riverbottom that was proposed in the early 1980s. 

  • The road is significantly wider (two-three times wider) than a residential street and there are no houses that face onto the road. 

  • Current 24-hour traffic volumes on Audubon Drive total 10,886 trips according to the traffic study in the EIR. The traffic volume projected by the year 2000 in the 1985 EIR for the Spano River Ranch project was 16,620 trips. The Alternative 1 access point is projected to add 240 trips per day. 

  • Alternative 1 is linked to Alternative 5 by an existing City easement. 

Watch the Videos 

The River Parkway Trust has created short videos showing different aspects of the proposed project and the alternatives evaluated in the DEIR.  Click the links below to watch the videos we've created so far, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates. 


Proposed Project and Alternative 1 - please note that you need to watch the entire video to see the Alternative 1 access point.

Alternative 3 - River's Edge Trail

Alternative 5 - Landfill routes - this video shows two routes that were considered for alternative 5 and removed from consideration due to environmental issues.  We're showing these routes because there is still discussion about each of them in the community.

Alternative 5 - Preferred Route

Share your thoughts about access!

Public comments on the project DEIR will be accepted between February 16 and April 15. Please send written comments on the DEIR to Melinda Marks, Executive Officer, San Joaquin River Conservancy, 5469 E. Olive, Fresno, CA 93727, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Comments must be postmarked by April 15, 2017. 


For more information, review the River Parkway Trust's comment letters by downloading copies at the links below.

September 15, 2014 Letter of Support for including the Palm/Nees Access Point

August 18, 2014 Comments on Parkway Policies in the City of Fresno Draft General Plan

July 8, 2014 Comments on the Conservancy's Notice of Preparation

June 18, 2014 Comments to the Conservancy Board regarding the Palm/Nees Access Point


We encourage you to review the DEIR yourself in order to formulate your comments. Click here to review the DEIR online. 


The DEIR is also available for public review at the following locations:

  • River Parkway Trust Headquarters, 11605 Old Friant Rd, Fresno, CA 93730
  • San Joaquin River Conservancy, 5469 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA 93730
  • Woodward Park Regional Library, 944 E. Perrin Ave, Fresno, CA 93720
For more information about the project please use the following links:

Eaton Trail Extension Draft EIR - Fresno River West






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