The Trust works with a number of different agencies and organizations to create the San Joaquin River Parkway.

Public Agencies

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

The Mission of the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) is to manage California's diverse fish, wildlife, and plant resources, and the habitats upon which they depend, for their ecological values and for their use and enjoyment by the public.  DFW's role on the San Joaquin River Parkway includes ownership and management of the San Joaquin Ecological Reserve properties, enforcement of fish and game code, and providing education programs about wildlife and fisheries.  DFW also operates the San Joaquin Fish Hatchery in Friant.

City of Fresno Parks, After-School, Recreation and Community Services (PARCS)

The City of Fresno is a major partner in the implementation of the Parkway.  The City operates the largest regional park on the Parkway - Woodward Park - and maintains the Lewis S. Eaton Trail and the Thomas MacMichael Sr. Loop Trail.  Additional operations and maintenance funding for the PARCS department is key to the expansion of the Lewis S. Eaton Trail system.

Fresno County Office of Education, Scout Island Education Center

The Trust provides summer camp programs at the Scout Island Education Center, located on the San Joaquin River at the end of Van Ness Extension.  Scout Island is made available to schools throughout Fresno County.

San Joaquin River Conservancy

The San Joaquin River Conservancy is a state agency that develops, operates, and maintains the San Joaquin River Parkway. The mission of the San Joaquin River Conservancy is to provide leadership and acquire, preserve, manage, and promote access to lands within the flood plain on both sides of the San Joaquin River from Friant Dam to Highway 99, for the purposes of:

  • Implementing the San Joaquin River Parkway Master Plan, a 22-mile regional greenspace and wildlife corridor along both sides of the river extending from Friant Dam to Highway 99, with an interconnected trail system and recreational and educational features.
  • Acquiring approximately 5900 acres from willing sellers.
  • Operating and managing lands for public enjoyment consistent with protection of natural resources.
  • Protecting, enhancing, and restoring riparian and riverine habitat and ecological diversity.
  • Facilitating the development of the Parkway, garnering public support, and securing its future.

The Conservancy is governed by a Board representing local agencies, state agencies, and local citizens to coordinate and mediate diverse public interests.

San Joaquin River Restoration Program

The San Joaquin River Restoration Program (SJRRP) is a comprehensive long-term effort to restore flows to the San Joaquin River from Friant Dam to the confluence of Merced River and restore a self-sustaining Chinook salmon fishery in the river while reducing or avoiding adverse water supply impacts from restoration flows.  The SJRRP will be conducting significant river channel improvements to reduce the impacts of captured gravel pits on juvenile salmon in the San Joaquin River Parkway reach of the river.

Non-governmental organizations

California Council of Land Trusts

The California Council of Land Trusts acts as a unified voice for more than 150 land trusts working in local communities throughout California. Together, land trusts share a common vision for protecting the best of California -- natural areas, farmlands, parks, and clean water and air.

Fresno Building Healthy Communities 

Fresno Building Healthy Communities (BHC) is working to build a long-term foundation for a healthier community with a legacy to be carried on for years to come through the leadership of community members. They create social capital – boarding similar people and bridging diverse communities and organizations.

Land Trust Alliance

The Land Trust Alliance (LTA) promotes voluntary private land conservation to benefit communities and natural systems.  They are the national convener, strategist and representative of more than 1,700 land trusts across America.  LTA's mission is to save the places people love by strengthening land conservation across America.

Trust for Public Land

The Trust for Public Land (TPL) conserves land for people to enjoy as parks, gardens, and other natural places, ensuring livable communities for generations to come. TPL is a regular partner in Parkway land acquisition projects.