Introducing the 2018 River Camp Staff! 


Molly Schnur-Salimbene

Community Programs Director

Why she loves camp: "River Camp is a place where anything can happen in the most amazing and unexpected ways, and I love to be a part of that!"


Katie Kincaid

River Camp Scout Island Director

Why she loves camp: "There's no greater joy that witnessing the wonder and happiness our environment bring campers and staff alike."


Bryna DeFede

River Camp Firebaugh Director

Why she loves camp: "I'ts a place where kids can be kids.  Not only do they get to socialize with kids their age, but they get to do it outside while learning about nature and the local history."


Juliana Quick

Young Explorers Director

Why she loves camp: "It provides a really unique setting that promotes creativity, curiosity, and the beginning of meaningful friendships- all while exploring the beautiful landscap of the Central Valley."


Gabi Santellano

Junior Leader Director

Why she loves camp: "When you're at camp it's easy to be your best, most fun, curious self!"


Wyatt Jones

Activities Director

Why he loves camp: "It lit my world on fire." (See the River Camp video for a clip of a young Wyatt explaining exactly why he loves camp.)

2018 Counselor and Lifeguard photos coming soon!  





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