The Coke Hallowell Center for River Studies (River Center)

An extraordinary & unique venue to rent for meetings and special events.

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Dr. Alex Moir Event Center Barn

Patton Shade Arbor

Ranch House Conference Room

Headquarters Conference Room

Picnic Area

Circle Drive

Kremen Event Area

Riverview Ranch House

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Conference Room Facilities

Available for your next business meeting, product launch, client appreciation event, or intimate dinner party.

Weekday Special Events

Be the first to host your corporate event, holiday party, or other special events, in this exclusive and newly constructed Barn.

Weddings and Weekend Special Events

With multiple venue space options, vendor choices, and competitive booking rates, the River Center is the perfect setting for your special occasion.

Rental Process

The different types of rentals have their own specific requirements and procedures according to the day and time frame of your event. To learn more, please refer to the designated sections above, including the Important Information tab.

Our Rental Events Manager is happy to schedule venue meetings upon request and is available to help guide you through the rental process by providing you with the most up-to-date information on rental policies and procedures. All venue tours including requests for in-person meetings are by appointment only on select dates and times. 

The River Parkway Trust staff will not be able to accommodate drop-in visitors with requests to view rental facilities or discuss rental agreements. 

Calendar of Special Events

 Click here for date availability. Please note, date availability is subject to change daily without notice.

 Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, up to one year in advance of the rental date. All requirements including a preliminary meeting, signed agreements, and deposit payment are required to secure your reservation. No date holds without deposit and/or completed paperwork.   

 To ensure your date is open, discuss specifics, and complete paperwork, please email our Rental Events Manager with your availability to set up an appointment. 

Venue Tours

Your time is valuable and we wish to ensure our venue meets your needs before booking a tour. Please note our site capacity is 250 guests maximum including event personnel. All events must end by 10 pm, clean up/ tear down must be completed by 11 pm. Prior day setup and/or following day takedown is not permitted. No exceptions to these time frame policies are allowed. 

Please follow the steps below to book your 30-40 minute meeting and tour.

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Hours of Operations

  • The River Center is a shared public venue from 9 am - 5 pm Mon – Fri, and 8 am – 3 pm Sat - Sun
  • Exclusive use is permitted after 5 pm Mon - Fri, and after 3 pm Sat - Sun

Our Services

  • The rental fees do not include tables, chairs, linens, decorative lighting, or any additional services
  • All-inclusive packages are not available 
  • Bridal suite is not available
  • Our Rental Events Manager will not serve as an event planner or coordinator before, during, or after an event.  We do encourage you to have an appointed event coordinator that you hire for at least the day of your event to ensure a stress-free experience.

Barn and Grounds

  • The barn includes large ceiling fans to acclimate your space (Please note the barn is considered an outdoor space it is not cooled or heated)
  • Electrical outlets are located through the interior and larger capacity outlets are available outside the south end of the barn for food trucks/caterers
  • Wi-fi is not provided for rental events, however, there are vendors that can provide this service
  • Modern bathrooms stocked with sufficient day-of supplies
  • The room across from the barn's restrooms is off-limits and not available for rent
  • Evening garden events may require additional lighting and power generator(s) – also provided through your vendor of choice
  • Renters may download a Facilities Clean-up Checklist at the start of their event that outlines all requirements to receive a refund of your damage/cleaning deposit (This includes ensuring the site looks as it did when you arrived; Cleanup responsibilities include conveying all trash to the dumpster in the trash enclosure)
  • The storage of any personal equipment or other accessory items is not permitted at any time 
  • Fire code does not permit open flame devices except those needed for food preparation
  • Pet-Friendly grounds: leashes and clean up after your pets is required. Please note that pets are not permitted inside buildings.
  • No smoking is allowed near any of the buildings.

Portable Dance Floor(s) and Tents

Portable dance floor(s) and tents are allowed under the following circumstances:

  • All tents and dance floor(s) must be assembled and removed on the same day the event is scheduled
  • No digging or excavation is permitted, and no shrubbery or trees are to be cut, trimmed, or injured
  • No stakes are allowed anywhere on the grounds or lawn
  • Rental companies are familiar with other methods of anchoring tents, canopies, and dance floor(s)
  • Failure to comply with the above may result in additional charges, including forfeit of your entire damage and cleaning deposit.

Riverview Ranch House

  • The restored Riverview Ranch House cannot be used as a bridal suite, lounge, green room/dressing area, or hairstyling station
  • The Ranch House is available to use for photos and videos after 3 pm on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Executive Director

Ceremony Rehearsal

  • A one-hour wedding ceremony rehearsal may be scheduled 3 months in advance at no extra charge 
  • A more elaborate wedding rehearsal/dinner (including food, beverages, music, or alcohol) will be treated as a separate rental event with appropriate fees and insurance requirements
  • Rehearsal Dinner rentals follow the same setup and clean-up policies as regular events, with no overnight setup even when the events are scheduled back-to-back. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Security Guard

  • Security guards from the River Parkway Trust’s provider are required at renter’s expense for events taking place after dark and/or serving alcohol
  • Security Guard fees are based upon the number of guests, hours of alcohol service and are charged as a direct cost from our security provider, one guard per 50-100 guests, with a required minimum payment of four hours


  • All rental equipment (tables, chairs, etc.) and lighting equipment (if using) must be rented from a vendor on our Preferred Vendors list to ensure same-day, late-night pick up.
  • Renters have the flexibility to choose an outside vendor through our approved vendor list 

Approved Vendor List

IMPORTANT: Due to the need to have all rental equipment delivered and removed the day of the event (no later than 10 pm and venue clean up/ tear down by 11 pm), we are now requiring renters to utilize one of the following tried and tested vendors for heavy rental equipment (tables, chairs, tents, lighting, and decoration).

It is easy to underestimate the time and effort it will take to clean up your event after guests have departed. Therefore, we strongly suggest the following:

  • Share our Rental Agreement policies with your vendors and designated team in a timely manner to plan accordingly
  • Identify at least 5 people to help with cleanup and transporting all trash to the parking lot dumpsters at the conclusion of your festivities
  • Carefully review the Facilities Clean-up Checklist with your team to avoid forfeiting your Damage and Cleaning deposit, or incurring additional fees

Equipment (upcharge for weekend or late-night pickup may apply)
Romy's Rentals
Action Equipment Rentals (559) 472-1243
Bargain Party Rentals (559) 431-1234
Best Party Rentals (559) 325- 6615
Expo Party Rentals (559) 495-3300
It’s My Party (559) 291-1477
Light Up the Walls
Setting the Stage (559) 907-5332 
Light and Sound (559) 875-1549
eWED Insurance Services, LLC.  
Makeup Artist    
Glam by Elizabeth
Toni G Photo     
Aleson and Devin Photography      
Chance James  (559) 455-3102
DC Photography (559) 284-9003
Ambient Art (559) 281-7896
Aleson Turner Photography (559) 473-5118
Taylor Davidson Photography 
Erica Houck   
Rosely Vue Photography (559) 930-5512
Mariano Friginal (559) 367-2452
Reverie Photo + Film (559) 908-2839
Mobile Sound Production (559) 246-8191
Good Times Entertainment (559) 221-4600 
Bliss Entertainment Group (559) 736-0566 
Haro Entertainment (559) 907-3920 
TNT DJ + Video (559) 367-3950 
Arpeggio Strings (559) 269-1410
Middle Eastern Music  
Andrew Hagopian (559) 554-6863
Spanish Band  
Grupo Reencuentro de H.M (559) 304-9830 
Love and Garlic (559) 438-8677 
Fugazzi’s (559) 308-2577 
Food for Thought (559) 268-1794 
Max’s Bistro (559) 439-6900 
Karsh’s Catering (559) 906-2433
The Painted Table (559) 443-7199
Pardini’s Catering                                          (559) 224-3188
Outlaws B-B-Q Services  (559) 434-1421
Daniels Restaurant (559) 285-6016
Cocktail, Bartender and Travel Bar  
  Last Call (559) 213-5777
Food Trucks  
Quesadilla Gorilla (559) 412-7468
Summertime Pies (559) 326-7294
Jay’s Ice Cream (559) 285-3038
Ampersand Ice Cream (559) 264-8000
Meltdown Bistro 
Eddie’s Bakery (559) 323-0900 
Barb’s Cakery (559) 432-2272 
Crème de la Cake (559) 431-1343
Frosted Cakery (559) 917-8880
Our Little Cakery (559) 999-2649
Maty’s Chair Covers (559) 903-8163
The Linen Shoppe (559) 593-6197
Xpress Yourself (559) 360-8636 
Creative Chair Covers (559) 341-3304
Covered with Elegance (559) 286-8810
Dana’s Awesome Blossoms (559) 312-5440
Flowers & More (559) 440-0920 
San Francisco Floral (559) 268-0111
Kiku Floral (559) 266-5480 
Laurel Botanicals (559) 232-8666 
Simply Flowers (559) 799-9525
Event Coordinators  
Erika Amalia Event Planning  
Circle of Events, Susan Vang-Xiong (559) 840-6984
Weddings by Cassandra (559) 474-7206
Screen Printing  
E&L Prints (559) 618-2616
Wedding Officiant   
Alex Robertson (559) 824-4288
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