$150,000+ Lifetime Donors 

We wish to thank these individuals who have generously supported the River Parkway Trust through the years. 

Frank and Florence Caglia Family Edward K. Martin Trust
Dr. Virginia S. Eaton  Jim and Carrie Moen 
Mary and Gerald Finch  The Everett Rank Sr. Family
George and Jackie Folsom  Bud and Evelyn Rank 
Paul Gibson and Joan Eaton  Thomas and Louise Richardson 
Roger and Terry Glaspey  Joseph T. Ring 
Coke and James Hallowell  The Slater Family
Margaret Hunsberger  Rolein Smith
Margaret and Rodger Jensen  Raymond and Oweta Wicks
Norman and Nancy Liddell   

Public Agencies That Have Funded Major Projects

California Department of Conservation  State of California Resources Agency
California Department of Water Resources  State of California, SWRCB
City of Fresno Parks, Recreation & Community Services  U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Fresno Arts Council/Metropolitan Projects Authority  Wildlife Conservation Board State of California
San Joaquin River Conservancy

2020 Individual Donors 

We're proud to acknowledge these individuals who contributed to the River Parkway Trust between January and December 2020. 

Dr. Virginia S. Eaton Edward B. Morgan and Alicia Bennett
Coke and James Hallowell Louise Richardson
Elise Moir
Margaret Hudson Paul Gibson and Joan Eaton
Lynn and Ellen Hemink Sharon Hanley
Michael Linton Robert Truxell
George and Jackie Folsom Michael and Ellen Patton
Diane Kirk Carson and Sonja Smith
Eldon and Diana Marks W. E. and Anna Wattenbarger
Will Murray and Margie Williams  Sharon Weaver
Julia O`Kane
David and Christine Erickson Carol Ann Moses
Greg and Susan Estep Sommer Moss
Beverly Hayden Pugh Mary and Rudy Savala
Sarah Hedrick Stuart and Lisa Woolf
Brian Miller Karen Wright
Sally Ayer Dave and Sharon Koehler
John and Nancy Baker Eric and Teresa Kurtz
Tom Bohigian James Kus and Ananda Aspen
Bart and Suna Bohn Kellie Lewison
Michael and Lori Boudreau Cindy and Steve Lindstrom
Steve and Jackie Bradley Elaine Lynn
John and Patty Brissenden Brian McNally
Walter and Susan Buster Dale Melville
Alfred Dakin and Kimberly Snyder Bill and Dorothy Mills
Ann and Nat Dellavalle Gail Newel and Kelli Beingesser
Celeste Demonte and Neal Howard J D Northway
Debbie and Charles Doerksen Judith Pecora
Susan and Jon Edwards Lyn Peters
Kimberly Ellis Dr and Mrs William Podolsky
Phoebe Farnam Lura and William Reddington
Donn Furman and Cynthia Fialho  Susan and Michael Ryan
Pat Furman Sandra Scott and Kenneth Archer 
Helen Gigliotti Susan and Newton Seiden
William and Shirley Golden Anonymous 
Kathleen Grassi and Tina Stark  Gary Steinert and Fred Smith 
Joell Hallowell and Tricia Garlock  Bob and Judy Swenson
Brett Hedrick John and Jolene Telles
David Hill and Dee Lacy  Jean and William Thompson
Mary Hung Jennifer and Hugh Williamson
Don Huntley Man and Eun Yoo
Earl Knobloch Tom Zimoski
Anonymous  Kathleen Lopes
Terry and Joanne Allen Bill Loudermilk 
Kirk Anderson Tamara and William Lyles
David and Kathryn Arnold Dr. Rose Marie Lyon
Penny and Greg Baxter Nicholas Martin
Richard Berquist and Anna Fong  Donna McCloskey
Anne Betancourt Joanna McCloskey-Dalldorf
Janice and Paul Bissonnette Diane Merrill
Donna and Leroy Bollinger Marie Motta
James and Yuko Brumm Georgia and Mike Murach
Laura Calderon Brian Nugent
Jeff and Julie Carroll Jon Oda and Robin Yang
Vincent Correll Gary and Leilani Overstreet
Hal and Cathy Coulston Sarah and Ryan Parkes
Vernon Crowder Larry Patten
Kaye Cummings Dr. Joseph & Mrs. Wendy Penbera
Terry and Cyndy Dolph Don and Judy Peracchi
Michael and Dolores Elkins Gretta and Richard Petersen
Elizabeth and Byrne Finkle Kay Pitts
Alix Frazer Joan and Stan Poss
Melinda Gorin and Doug Cox  Robert and Kathryn Price
Lynn and Raymond Gorman Ronald Rempel and Brenda Johnson
Melissa Graves Lynne Rodriguez Lanny Larson
Kathleen and Robert Grazier Linda and Michael Rogers
David and Linda Grubbs Oscar and Marcia Sablan
Becky and Stephen Harper John Scholefield and Kristine Petrucci Scholefield 
Brandon and Alya Hill Bill and Judy Seiler
Jean Janzen Liz Shields
Larry and Victoria Johnson Laura and Ricardo Silberman
Glenda Josey and Tim Reyes Frances Squire and Ed Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Karian Jane Stanley
James Kemp David and Gina Swaim
Betsy and Bob Kimball Connor and Kristin Telles
Mary and Jim Kinter James Wang
Teresa and Leonard Kirkorian Betty Wang-Garcia
Nancy Kops Rosemary and Jerry Waters
William and Debbie Krieg Michael and Patricia Westley
Terri Larson Jane Willson and Malcolm MacDonald
Mary Ann and Howard Latimer Darlene Young
Barbara and Neal Lehman Marilyn Zitterkopf
Russell and Rebecca Lindquist Paul and Lisa Zylka
Lori and Fred LoGalbo


2020 Donations Received in Memory of these Individuals 
Lowell Barnett
Dean Blankinship 
Barbara Bohigian 
Sheri Bohigian 
Rose Caglia 
Tom Callahan
Lewis S. Eaton 
Colleen Edwards
Clark Elgin 
Cindy Farley 
Mark Fimbres
Anidelle Flint
William Head
Larry Howey
Vicky Waughtal Kincaid 
Michael Newel
Robert Scott Patton 
Delma Pecora
Roy C. Ramsing
Gerry Stokle
Harold and Barbara Tokmakian 
Mike Urrutia

2020 Agencies, Businesses, Foundations, and Organizations Supporting the River Parkway Trust 

We're proud to acknowledge the agencies, businesses, foundations, and organizations that supported the River Parkway Trust's projects and programs between January and December 2020. 

State of California, Department of Fish and Wildlife   
State of California, Wildlife Conservation Board   
US Bureau of Reclamation   
J P Lamborn Co, John and Pam Lamborn MUFG Union Bank Foundation 
LandValue Management, LLC, Jim and Jennifer Huelskamp Valley Children's Healthcare
Leon S. Peters Foundation Vulcan Materials Company
Central Valley Community Foundation  
Fresno Rotary Club  
State Compensation Insurance Fund  
CalViva Health Educational Employees Credit Union
Donaghy Sales PG&E Employee Giving 
Anonymous  Rappaport Foundation
Colibri Ecological Consulting, LLC Recreational Equipment, Inc.
Doerksen Taylor LLP Stanislaus Community Foundation
E & J Gallo Winery United Security Bank
East Fresno Rotary Charity Foundation Westlands Water District
Fig Garden Rotary Foundation
Agriland Farming Company, Inc. Michael Giffen Ranch, Inc.
Beneficial State Bank Mid Valley Disposal
California Bank & Trust Neil Jones Food Company
Cemex, Inc.  San Joaquin Running 
Coleman Farming Co., LLC Shasta Wildlife Conservation Foundation
Eye-Q Vision Care Sierra Endocrine Associates
Falcon Financial & Insurance Solutions, Inc. Suncrest Bank 
Firebaugh Rotary Club The Bertha and John Garabedian Charitable Foundation
Fresno Convention & Visitors Bureau The Sierra Fund
Gage Farms The Wicks Charitable Fund
Gary McDonald Homes Trinity Fruit Sales
LJL Farming Val Print
Lyles Diversified Charitable Fund West Hills Community College Foundation
Armey-Harvey Family Foundation K Arakelian Foundation
Central Valley Community Bank Madera Sunrise Rotary Club
Fresno Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Group, Dr. Allen Chien Nonprofits Insurance Alliance of California
Hammonds Ranch, Inc. Paul Halajian Architects, Inc.
Heart Group Medical Clinic, Inc., Dr. John Telles Price Paige & Company
Hedrick's Chevrolet River View Financial, F Thomas Biglione